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What is HBOT?

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, also known as HBO or HBOT, is a specialized therapy that allows the body to incorporate more oxygen into blood cells, blood plasma, cerebral-spinal fluid, and other bodily fluids.  By raising the atmospheric pressure above one atmosphere (sea level), more molecules of oxygen are compressed into the body.

Because Hyperbaric Oxygenation involves the entire body under increased pressure, healing is accelerated beyond simple oxygenation by canula or mouth.  In fact, hyperbaric oxygen is able to reach areas of the body which may be compromised due to circulatory problems, wounds, cut blood vessels.  Hyperbaric oxygen jumpstarts the angiogenesis process of injuries, which may otherwise necrotize from a lack of blood and oxygen.

The air which we normally breathe is 21% oxygen.  During a Hyperbaric session with pure oxygen, the oxygen that is dissolved into the body is dramatically increased up to 2,000%.  This allows the body to incorporate more oxygen into every cell!

How Is HBOT Administered ?

A patient undergoing Hyperbaric Therapy at Wisconsin Integrative Hyperbaric Center will spends a prescribed amount of time in one of our chambers.  Inside, pure oxygen is administered and atmospheric pressure is increased.  The Therapy, which consists of the length of time and depth at pressure, will be determined by a physician’s prescription and the protocols determined for your condition.

What Is A Treatment Like?

The experience of a treatment is often best described as the sensation a person feels when they fly in an airplane.  When the plane cabin is being pressurized, there is a popping in the ears to equalize the pressure change.  Most people don't have difficulty with this process.  In addition, our staff will be nearby to give helpful hints on how to clear ear pressure (i.e. swallowing and chewing motions) and to ensure that the pressurization process is smooth.  Once the desired pressure is achieved, the treatment begins.  The standard protocol for most treatments takes about an hour, unless otherwise noted by your physician.

• The FDA has approved 13 indications for the use of Hyperbaric Therapy. Indications not under the approved UHMS 13 are considered to be off label.
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