Contact our neurology clinic in Fitchburg, Wisconsin, for hyperbaric treatments, rehabilitation, and workshops.

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Why Choose Us?

Wisconsin Integrative Hyperbaric Center, or as many call it ‘A Place of Grace,’ is a state of the art Hyperbaric Center that specializes in Neuro-rehabilitation.  The center was named after a little girl by the name of Gracie, whose life was saved by Hyperbaric Therapy.  To read more about Gracie's Story, google and type in ‘Grace Kenitz,’ using key words, ‘Hyperbaric & Mitochondrial.’  Grace's story reached national attention when her life was saved by HBOT.

The center offers a playroom that is equipped with educational and fun activities for the whole family to enjoy.  It is a place for siblings to ‘hang out’ while their family member is taking a treatment.  Children are able to stay in the playroom, and often other parents plan group activities, such as games and arts and crafts.

The center also has a refrigerator and microwave for patient use.  There is no need to bring in snacks or juice for the kids.  The center provides all the extras.  If your child has a special diet request, our staff will stock up on those items during your treatment program. And for our Autistic Kids, WIHC stocks some of the best Casein, gluten-free snacks available (though we are always open to suggestions).

‘A Place of Grace’ was created with parents and family in mind.  It is a center which prides itself on being ‘Your home away from home.’  Many of our local parents have weekend get-togethers.  For our out-of-state families, the Center has a monthly educational workshop that offers families a time to meet and talk about what is working within their family.  There is nothing more valuable than the networking between parents.

‘A Place for Grace’ also hosts a monthly gathering—an outdoor barbeque or a night of bowling!  It is our way of saying, Thank you for choosing us to be a part of your loved ones recovery.

As for lodging needs, WIHC has worked out some great rates for treating families and have a great relationship with the nearby Country Inn and Suites.  This hotel is located on the same road, less than 5 minutes from the center.  In addition, this establishment was built with families in mind and offers a free breakfast with eggs, waffles, bagels, cereal, fruit and much more.  The rooms also come equipped with a microwave and small refrigerator.  The hotel also has a brand new water park for kids and a beautiful waterfall hot tub for moms and dads.  It is a great place to be when you have to be away from home.  WIHC patients receive the special rate of $49.00 per night. 

Airport transportation, if needed, is provided by Wisconsin Integrative Hyperbaric Center.  In fact, should the need arise WIHC can arrange any shopping trips that you may need to make while you are here.

We know first-hand that it can be a difficult task to bring your family to a center for hyperbaric treatment, leaving the comforts of home behind.  It is our goal to make hyperbaric treatment a much easier transition for you.  ‘A place of Grace’ is your home away from home and a place where families may come together as strangers, but leave as family.

We would be honored to receive you into our hyperbaric family, ‘A Place of Grace.’

• The FDA has approved 13 indications for the use of Hyperbaric Therapy. Indications not under the approved UHMS 13 are considered to be off label.
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