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We'd like to take this moment to tell you that each integrative clinic is modeled on family-focused care. Our centers are not only place to receive comprehensive medical treatment, but—as families often comment—an extension of their family network.   For this reason, we offer weekly lectures, support group meetings, parent network outings, and even counseling for families dealing with many illnesses. Besides family outreach, bi-weekly expert presentations on the latest medical subjects augment patient and physician knowledge on health conditions and their treatments. Our group of world-renoun, multi-specialty physicians offer treatment protocols on the latest research, resulting in the most effective treatment today.   Feel free to call us anytime. We'll do our best for you and your family.

Therapy Options

Hyperbaric chambers on the market vary in size, shape and material. The most common types of chamers are steel and acrylic chambers ranging in pressures from mild to high pressure. There are three basic kinds of chambers types—monoplace (single-person), multiplace (many persons), and portable (easily relocated). In a traditional hospital setting, there may even be a designated “hyperbaric room” or “hyperbaric theater” for multiplace treatments and surgeries.   The treating physician's protocol will dictate the type of chamber that should be used for each patient's condition.

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The Integrative Hyperbaric Centers Welcome You



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